>Ragnarok Engine

>Today I would like to announce the first release of the Ragnarok Engine for Python/Pygame.

Ragnarok is a 2D engine built on top of Pygame to make game creation easier. While Pygame is a library, Ragnarok attempts to assume the role of an engine, featuring many capabilities that would take a lot of work to create from the ground up in Pygame.

The engine is built in such a way that it attempts to be used under any scenario and game environment (i.e. it is generic). It is easy to set up, maintain, and extend for your particular needs.

A few of the features Ragnarok has to offer:

+2D and 3D Math Library
+Sprites for easy rotation, scaling, texture loading, etc.
+SpriteSheet and Animation classes
+Text objects that can be rotated, scaled, and translated
+A customizable 2D Camera
+A managed World system that updates, draws, and automatically offsets objects by the camera’s
+Collision System
+Input Handling Systems
+Particle Systems
+Pool class for efficiently reusing objects

Ragnarok is still a work in progress, thus there will be bugs present. Feel free to respond to this post with any bugs you find.

Ragnarok is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.0
Download the engine here.
Running on Linux? Download the tar here.


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  1. >Looks promising. Thanks for putting this out. I'm helping to develop a intro to programming via game development class for our high schools. I'd like to base it one this engine. Keep up the good work and I'll provide feedback as we dig into this deeper.
    -Robin Friedrich

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